Master of Applied Data Science - Online

Sign announcing the approval of the MADS program.

Greetings, future MADScientists! The University of Michigan School of Information is pleased to announce the planned* Master of Applied Data Science degree online, with classes beginning in Fall 2019.

This program will give you insight into data and develop your hands-on skills in programming, statistics, data analysis, information visualization and machine learning. You won’t just take theoretical classes; your coursework will include solving real-world problems for companies and organizations struggling with these issues.

We welcome learners from a broad range of backgrounds including the sciences, social sciences, and professional schools. We expect a wide range of existing professionals will find this degree helpful, as it’ll teach you the skills to capitalize on the data revolution in your existing job or in a brand-new one.

We know you have a lot of questions, including final degree cost, curriculum and structure, and we expect to have the answers for you early this fall. We’re moving as fast as we can, but starting a new degree program at an institution as celebrated as the University of Michigan requires a lot of work! You’ll see the benefits when you’re taking the courses.

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We’re planning on some social communities where you can meet other, and a chatbot (the Interactive Getter of Online Responses, aka IGOR) where you can get your questions answered. Sign up for those email messages and you’ll be the first to know when those go live.

* We’ve been approved by the school, the university and the University of Michigan Board of Regents, so we have just one approval left: the Michigan Association of State Universities, which will consider the program this fall. We can’t wait!