Faces of UMSI

BSI student Sierre Wolfkostin stands in front of a window with a Domino's pizza logo behind her.
BSI student Sierre Wolfkostin's work at Domino’s Pizza included the design of apps that help team members take orders, make pizzas and deliver them to customers.


Jaren Johnson - Transfer student finds fun in information science

Sierre Wolfkostin - At the intersection of creativity,  UX Design, and entrepreneurship


Kangning Chen - Embarking on the journey of grad school and motherhood

Maggie Davidson - Seeking ways to breaking down barriers that prevent people from getting the help they need

Andrew Engel - After Peace Corps, a PhD and farm life, learning to design inclusive spaces in education

Isabel Gao - Excited about diversity and entrepreneurship

Aaron Kosel - Looking to make technology more user-friendly

Nick Murray - Pursuing social impact through HCI as a Professional Practice Fellow

Florence Noel - Entrepreneur, community organizer, and activist, founder of Dear Black Women

Jaklyn Nunga - From LA to UMSI to Ecuador with the Peace Corps

Novia Wong - Implementing tech in special education


Jeremy Griswold - When Uncle Sam asks if you’re interested in pursuing a master’s degree, you say yes


Wei Ai - Using data to investigate altruism

Tawfiq Ammari - Understanding shifting roles through social media

Lindsay Blackwell - From marketer to scholar, invested in social media

Samuel Carton - Combating the spread of rumors on Twitter

Melissa Chalmers - Studies behind-the-scenes work of large-scale digitization

Priyank Chandra - Investigating the software piracy ecosystem

Daphne Chang - A focus on experimental economics and social norms

Yan Chen - Software developer behind "Codeon"

Padma Chirumamilla - Media anthropologist studies the tenor of everyday life

Rebecca Frank - Studying disaster planning in digital preservation

Tamy Guberek - Un-silencing the data on human rights abuses

Jean Hardy - Explores the use of social media in the LGBT community

Shiqing "Licia" He - Combining computer science and studio art for data visualization

Chiao-yin "Joey" Hsaio - Seeking ways to use technology to benefit immigrant communities

Pei-Yao Hung - Finding ways to help people learn from each other

Chuan-Che Jeff Huang - Enchanting users through context and computing

Tsuyoshi Kano - Employing ICT to effect economic growth in developing countries.

Elizabeth Kaziunas - Helping people navigate the abundance of health care information

Cheng Li - Developing interactive machine learning and data algorithms that can help people

Linfeng Li - Understanding how people make decisions in various environments.

Yingzhi Liang - Maximizing social welfare through mechanism design

Cindy Lin - Research through a maker's eyes

Yu-Jen Lin - Blurring lines between digital and real

Megh Marathe - Researching the perception of time

Allan Martell - In post-conflict societies, sharing collective memory digitally

Carol Moser - Exploring consumer behavior and design interventions

SungJin Nam - Using data and design to understand behavior

Chanda Phelan - Bridging gaps through thoughtful tech tools

Edward Platt - Studies how wikipedians collaborate

Shriti Raj - Using technology to help people manage chronic health conditions

Hariharan Subramonyam - An artistic vision applied to data visualization

Rohail Syed - Seeking to optimize online searching while learning

Chun-Yuen Teng - Researches how everything is connected through social networks

Penny Trieu - Investigating who people really are online

Shiyan Yan - Evaluating crowd-sourced citizen science data

Teng Ye - Investigating virtual collaborations and the sharing economy

Fangzhou "Ark" Zhang - Looking behind the curtain of people's choices

2018 Graduates

Olubisi Ajetunmobi (MHI '18) - Optimistic, creative and passionate about global health

Adaeze Ajoku (MSI '18) - Using data analytics for Kellogg’s, Parkinson’s, Mental Health and Amway

Andrea Barbarin (PhD '18) - Focuses on consumer health issues in underserved communities

Cathy Chow (MSI '18) - Fulbright recipient who is passionate about digital access for all

Saskia DeVries (MSI '18) - Former U.S. Census Bureau Statistician, applying information toward policy decisions and poverty alleviation

Ann Duong (MHI '18) - Planning for end of life with Canopy

Allen Flynn (PhD '18) - Finding pharmacy’s future in information and computing

Audrey Goulding (MHI '18) -  A passion for data and public health

Terrence Green (BSI '18) - Making people's lives better through technology

Youyang Hou (PhD '18) - Researching how information technology can support civic engagement

Jasmine Jones (PhD '18) - Through technology, bridging cultural and temporal boundaries

George Lu (BSI '18) – Practicing gratitude, hard work, and perseverance on the path to product management

Desiree McLain (MSI ’18) - Celebrating Detroit’s history and helping volunteers become entrepreneurs

Celia Mulder (MSI '18) - Public Library Associate hopes her MSI will lead to library career

Gaurav Paruthi (PhD '18) - Working on a personal assistant app for health improvement

Nithya Rajendran (MHI '18) - Promoting health literacy and healthcare accessibility at home and abroad

Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña (MSI '18) - Using data visualization to tell stories that empower people

Etiowo Usoro (MHI '18) - Fulfilling his destiny with health informatics

Abril Vela (BSI '18) – Helping kids create with CS and information science

Sangseok You (PhD '18) - Researching trust and emotion in human-robot teams

Ben Zimmerman (BSI '18) - Found his true path to UMSI by a winding road

Featured Alumni 

Parisa Soraya (MHI '17) - Creator of a mobile app that matches patients for peer support

Madalyn Purcell (BSI '17) - Employs her UX design skills working with non-profit and government clients in Washington, DC

John Szabo (MILS ’92) - City Librarian, L.A. Public Library

Veronica Wilkerson Johnson (AMLS '77) - Director, Lansing Service Center, U-M Office of the Vice President of Government Relations

Nancy Gwinn (AMLS '69) - Director of the Smithsonian Libraries since 1997