Experiential learning

A group of students pose outside of an industrial office building.
UMSI students in downtown Detroit for Alternative Fall Break. The students partnered with several local organizations to solve real-world information problems.

At UMSI, you gain valuable skills both inside and outside the classroom. By offering students opportunities for experiential learning, we ensure they are prepared and qualified for fulfilling careers.


  • Study Abroad - We¬†encourage students to pursue an international experience, whether it be study abroad or an international internship. BSI, MSI, and MHI students have the opportunity to pursue study abroad opportunities.
  • Global Information Engagement Program (GIEP) - This program partners non-profit, research, and educational organizations in an international setting with student teams to develop sustainable information management practices that have positive societal impact.
  • Global internships and research - There are relevant programs and internships in a wide range of countries, universities, and programs available for BSI, MHI, and MHI students to pursue. Students are able to fulfill the UMSI Internship Program requirements through an internship outside of the United States.


  • Client-based courses - Students apply their knowledge and skills to specific problems in an engaged learning environment through client-based courses.
  • Citizen Interaction Design - This program partners rising information professionals with Michigan communities to create information tools for twenty-first century citizens.


  • Alternative Spring Break - Students can spend spring break working on an information-related project for a nonprofit in Detroit, Fort Myers, or Washington DC. Students may also propose a self-initiated project in a city of their choice.
  • Students may also chose to engage in research that impacts people and communities.

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